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Application letter for loan to the boss

Home Renovation Loan Request Letter. It is stated that I am in extreme need of some money which I want in the form of a loan from you. This is unexpectedly an exceptional and unforeseen situation that is hard to be dealt all alone by myself. This is a formal request for a loan of $15,/- to be refunded with a deduction from my salary per month.

Some people think its boring.

Personal Loan Application Letter Sample to Boss

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12:18 Akinojinn:
The loan will be recompensed with payments that can be subtracted from my pay each month until the loan with interest is squared.

15:56 Zolora:
These engagements will contain food and dining hall expenditures. I am supposed to refund with relations settled upon and choose that even costs be engaged out of my remuneration.

18:42 Vot:
It is with countless reservations that I am requesting a loan on my pay of the sum of Dollar seventy-five thousand. You can keep a record of it and make it more approved if you have any complications.