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Critical thinking math word problems for 2nd grade -

This is a sample of what a daily Word Problem using critical thinking mathematics skills looks like. There is a one page with the same problem on it multiple times for easy printing. The students glue the problem in their math journals and then try to solve them using their critical thinking skills.4/5(10).

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2nd Grade Word Problems: What is a Join Change Unknown Word Problem?

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18:05 Kikree:
Students may need to convert inches to feet, centimeters to meters and so on. Decide what the problem is asking for.

17:45 Dujinn:
Many times, drawing a picture will help students visualize the problem and understand how to solve it. Word problems take a lot more thinking than a simple equation, no matter how advanced that equation might be. Do the math and check the answer.

10:52 Karan:
Decide what the problem is asking for. Take note if units of measurement are involved in the problem.