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Application letter for study leave without pay

A letter requesting leave without pay can be as simple as stating the request, the dates for which the leave is being requested and a minimal statement of why the leave is necessary, as explained in U.S. News & World Report Money.


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17:25 Samuhn:
Employee handbooks often contain information about the types of situations in which leave without pay is granted. And if you did, and the SOL was applicable, still nothing. If there are no forms or official policies the request for leave should be put in letter format.

18:02 Maushicage:
Write the exact duration of time you are requesting unpaid leave. It's amazing what they have in the shops over there. Some employers also require forms to be completed in lieu of a letter.

20:48 Nikokinos:
If your request is based on a medical condition, you have medical privacy rights that prohibit the employer from requesting detailed information about your condition.